Remember the help desk

      Emergency Road Service operates through a help desk and it is necessary for every freeway driver, including truck drivers, to register for this service. A whole range of services is offered under this service. Starting from fixing the mechanical fault of the vehicle to carrying out medical evacuation of the sick and injured will be carried out under the emergency road service. It is therefore imperative for all drivers to remember the emergency road service help desk number.

A consortium comprising county administration, transport authorities, speedway traffic maintenance wing, hospitals, auto dealers, insurance firms and others are the stake holders of the emergency road service. It is an obligatory service on part of the local county administration.
The speedway traffic maintenance wing has installed telephones on roadsides to make emergency calls. Even if the telephone is not available, the personnel remote monitoring the movement of the traffic on the speedway will dispatch help to the stranded persons. Removal of debris, clearing speedway after accidents, towing vehicles, guiding drivers, who lost their way on the speedway, delivering basic requirements, tracking the nearest hotel, motel, restaurant, gas station, drug store and shopping malls are also part of emergency road service. Hotel reservation checking and booking will also be carried out on request.