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Emergency road service – 24 hour service for all customers

It is always a bother when our vehicle causes trouble while on a long drive, especially when we are racing against time. The emergency road service is a program that one can enroll in and gain membership so they can fall back on in case of any sudden repairs. This is applicable for the duration […]

Road service program – Long distances, no more fear.

    These days after any purchase is made, the customers are asked to fill out their personal details for later use. This comes in handy when after sales service is talked about. The customer just has to call and mention their name or bill number to enable the executive to pull out their database and […]

Road service – Worry not, have a fun journey

Right after purchase of a vehicle, one needs to enroll in a good road service contract. Compared to the cost of the car, this is nothing but still it comes a long way when talking about smooth rides. For a person who enjoys driving, nothing can be worse than having their battery crash out or […]

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