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A friendly program

Emergency auto assistance is a friendly program under which vehicles can be assured of repair and maintenance service even on the move. If the vehicle develops a mechanical fault or problem on the speedway or at home, the agency responsible for emergency auto assistance will come to the aid. Emergency auto assistance is provided by […]

24/7 assistance for vehicle drivers

Emergency road service refers to assistance provided by the auto dealers in association with the local authorities whenever they are in distress on roads and freeways. It could be either an emergency medical evacuation or a technical problem encountered by car, they will be attended to. Emergency road service is a 24/7 assistance meant for […]

A car friendly service

All responsible car owns should subscribe to road service, which is a car friendly service. Road service is termed a car friendly service since it comes to the assistance of the driver whenever the vehicle is in distress. Imagine, the car breaks down on a speedway because of a mechanical fault. If you are a […]

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