Clearing the speedway

Road Service Program is a service launched by the local motor way maintenance authority in association with the transport department, health department, auto dealers, auto manufacturers and auto warranty firms. The principle objective is to maintain the road free of obstacles and vehicle breakdowns. It also means helping vehicles in distress. Basically, the Road Service Program is the obligatory duty of the county administration. However, independent agencies also carry out road service program. Such agencies charge fee for a variety of services. Vehicle owners can also register for this service by paying an annual fee.

Imagine, your vehicle breaks down on the road because of some mechanical fault. But you are in a region, which does not have telecommunication facilities and the mobile phone is out of coverage area. The motor way maintenance authority will be manning the speedway using pre-installed cameras to identify such situation. Immediately, the authorities concerned will dispatch a mobile repair squad to the spot. If the squad cannot rectify the problem on the spot, the vehicle will be either towed to the nearest work station or carried on the back of another truck. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to get it repaired. It is important that all vehicle owners register for this service.