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Service to rescue travelers

Emergency road service is a special service launched by a consortium of operators to rescue travelers in distress on any road. The stake holders include local transport department, hospitals, medical authorities, road maintenance wing, auto dealers and insurance firms. In some of the counties, this is a free service provided by the local administration. It […]

Service for hassle free journey

Road service program is a concept implemented in every county to ensure hassle free journey for road users. The principle objective is keep the road clear of obstacles such as debris, fallen tree, snow fall, accidents and stranded vehicles. Under the guidance of the local administration, the road service program is maintained by a special […]

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Help just a phone call away

Auto dealers, in association with vehicle manufacturers, have introduced mobile repair squads deployed on America’s roads. The function of this squad is to repair vehicles, which are stranded on the roads on account of breakdown. This concept is called road service. Under road service, there are two categories. The first category is local road service […]

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