Help for vehicles in distress

Auto dealers, in association with vehicle manufacturers, have launched a new service called road service. It is aimed at helping vehicle owners in distress. Under road service, help will be sent to bail the vehicle owners, drivers and fellow passengers out of the crisis.

Vehicle owners will be helped in all types of situation. If the vehicle runs out of crucial fluids like engine oil, technicians will be sent along with fluid for refilling. For a range of assistance under road service, check out with your local auto dealer. Normally, the auto dealers offer road service as a complementary package whenever you buy a new car. Such packages could be restricted to the local county. The auto dealer may not be in a position to offer road service if your vehicle is stranded outside the county jurisdiction. Therefore, it is necessary that vehicle owners go in for a road service run by an independent national operator.

Under independent road service, assistance will be rendered to the drivers in distress irrespective of their location. The vehicle will be towed to the nearest work station if it cannot be repaired on the spot. Subscription to road service is available for an annual fee.