Programs to help drivers

The road service program is a recently evolved concept to make speedway driving a pleasure and enjoyment. Under this program, a number of services are available to drivers. They range from providing technical assistance to offering tourist guide services.

The road service program is normally operated by a third party agent in association with the local auto dealer or vehicle manufacturer. Mobile repair squads will be dispatched to set right the mechanical fault in case of vehicle breakdown. Similarly, alternative vehicles are provided to subscribers to continue their journey if the vehicle is not repaired in time. The vehicle will also be towed to the nearest work station.

If the vehicle owner intends to break the journey till the vehicle is repaired, the accommodation will be taken care of by the road service program agency. Reservation of hotel accommodation and confirmation will also be carried out.
Other services offered under road service program include locating the nearest ATM counter, gas station, hotel and motel, rest rooms, restaurant and townships. If the driver is tired of driving long distance, chauffeur services will also be provided. All these services are provided against annual subscription. Choose an agency of repute for the road service program. This is a scheme to help drivers.