An obligatory duty

Emergency road service is an obligatory duty on part of the consortium responsible for assisting drivers and travelers in distress on streets and freeways. The emergency road service is provided round the clock throughout the year by stakeholders of the consortium such as auto dealers, auto manufacturers, insurance companies, warranty firms, hospitals and local administration, including traffic cops and county officials.

Under emergency road service, a number of important assistance such as transporting stranded passengers and drivers, evacuation for medical emergency, repair and stranded cars, attending to mechanical and engine faults of the vehicle and road traffic clearance are carried out. This service is operated all over the nation. Each county administration, which carries out the emergency road service, is linked by a national network. This is to ensure that the emergencies on road faced by drivers and others are flashed across the county. This system ensures that help arrives at the spot at the earliest.
Some aspects of emergency road service are charged while some are not. For instance, attending to mechanical problems of the vehicles will be charged. However, emergency medical evacuation is not charged since it comes under the medical insurance scheme. The emergency road service operates through a national help desk.