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Road service is a specialized service launched by the auto dealer in association with the vehicle manufacturer to help drivers in distress. The problems faced by the driver could be related to engine or mechanical problems of the vehicle either on a freewat or at home. Under road service, the firms concerned are bound to bail you out of the crisis.
Inquiries about the road service programs can be made with the local dealer. However, we recommend that you go to a road service provider, which has a nationwide network. Such a program is helpful to drivers, who travel in all states for business and private visits. But if you are using the car within the county limits, it is recommended that a local road service provider is chosen.

Some types of assistance under road service are free while some others carry a fee. For instance, visit by the mobile repair squads to the spot where the vehicle is stranded, inspection and detection of the fault may be free. However, the replacement of spare parts has to be borne by the car owner. Similarly, if the car has to be towed to the nearest working station for careful examination, the car owner has to pay the towing charges. Register for the service now.