A car friendly service

All responsible car owns should subscribe to road service, which is a car friendly service. Road service is termed a car friendly service since it comes to the assistance of the driver whenever the vehicle is in distress.

Imagine, the car breaks down on a speedway because of a mechanical fault. If you are a subscriber to the road service, you can call the hotline telephone number provided by the agency. Immediately, a mobile squad deployed on the speedway will be deployed for your assistance.

The road service is offered by a auto dealer in association with the vehicle manufacturer. While purchasing the car, inquire with the dealer for road service. Some dealers offer some aspect of the road service for free. However, the vehicle owner has to bear the expenses of the repair. Also, the replacement of the spare parts will be carried out by the mobile squad. An annual fee will be charged to operate the road service.

The assistance rendered under road service include engine repair, replacement of faulty spare parts, engine and horn tuning, delivery of fluid and fuels and others. If the mobile squad is not in a position to repair the car on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest workstation. A fee will be charged for towing the car.

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