24/7 assistance for vehicle drivers

Emergency road service refers to assistance provided by the auto dealers in association with the local authorities whenever they are in distress on roads and freeways. It could be either an emergency medical evacuation or a technical problem encountered by car, they will be attended to.
Emergency road service is a 24/7 assistance meant for vehicle drivers. All car owners should necessarily subscribe to this service. To register for this service, inquire with the car dealer in the locality. Third party independent agencies also operate emergency road service. It will be helpful to register with a national agency since its area of operation covers the entire country.
There are several stake holders in the emergency road service. Depending on the nature of the problem, the role of the stake holder concerned will be activated. If the driver has lost way, the local administration or the transport authority will guide the driver back to the main road. Similarly, if the driver is looking for a gas station or motel, the local administration will rush to the aid.

If the car develops a snag, the auto dealer concerned or a specialist team from the car manufacturer will come to the aid. Therefore, register for the emergency road service without ignoring it.