A friendly program

Emergency auto assistance is a friendly program under which vehicles can be assured of repair and maintenance service even on the move. If the vehicle develops a mechanical fault or problem on the speedway or at home, the agency responsible for emergency auto assistance will come to the aid.

Emergency auto assistance is provided by the auto dealer in association with the car manufacturer. It operates through a hotline telephone number. Whenever the car develops a mechanical fault, lodge a complaint by calling the hotline. The problem will be immediately relayed to the specialists concerned. The car specialists will arrive at the spot to detect the problem. If possible, it will be rectified on the spot. If the specialists fail to rectify the problem, the car will be towed to the nearest work station.
Inquire with your auto dealer to register for the emergency auto assistance. The specialists will resolve problems relating to engine, ignition, horn, power system and brake mechanism. Other serious nature of problems will be attended to only at work stations.

Other services like guiding drivers through roads, identifying local tourist spots, ATM locator, identifying nearest motel and gas filling station are all part of emergency auto assistance. An annual fee will be levied to subscribers of this service.