Help just a phone call away

Auto dealers, in association with vehicle manufacturers, have introduced mobile repair squads deployed on America’s roads. The function of this squad is to repair vehicles, which are stranded on the roads on account of breakdown. This concept is called road service.

Under road service, there are two categories. The first category is local road service provider. The local road service provider, normally, is the auto dealer in the county. The jurisdiction extends all over the county. Normally, the service is offered for free. However, towing the vehicle, repairing it or replacing faulty spare parts will attract a fee.

The second category under road service is the paid service, operated by a national player through out the country. Frequent travelers, especially those using the freeway, opt for this service because of the benefits involved. Whenever vehicles are stranded on the speedway, help is just a phone call away. A telephone service, similar to a help desk will be there to answer any questions or provide you serivce in the event you needed help. The mobile repair squad will be dispatched and will take over from there. The vehicle owner and fellow passengers will be driven to the nearest town and housed in hotel till the repairs are complete. If the passengers intend to continue their journey, alternative vehicles will be provided.