Service for hassle free journey

Road service program is a concept implemented in every county to ensure hassle free journey for road users. The principle objective is keep the road clear of obstacles such as debris, fallen tree, snow fall, accidents and stranded vehicles. Under the guidance of the local administration, the road service program is maintained by a special unit.

The stretches of road in every county is monitored by traffic officers. Some stretches beyond the limits of cities and towns are monitored remotely using surveillance cameras. Any disturbance on the road is immediately detected. Depending on the nature of the disturbance, the squads to rush to the spot solve the problem.

If a vehicle suffers a breakdown on the speedway, a mobile repair squad is sent to repair it. The vehicle will either be towed or carried on the back of truck to the nearest workstation for repair. The stranded car owner and fellow passengers will be taken to the nearest town.

Similarly, if there is an accident, the scene will be quickly cleared to pave way for smooth flow of traffic. Personnel trained for specific tasks are deployed for the road service program. If there are debris on the road obstructing movement of vehicles, it will be cleared immediately.