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Roadside Assistance Destination of the Day

Simple elegance nestled within a treasured city, preferred by businessman, enjoyed by families, the Four Seasons Hotel Boston is as rich in amenities and services as Boston is in history. “The Four Seasons Hotel Boston is a beautiful hotel with a classic-meets-contemporary design sensibility. Glorious fresh flower arrangements dominate the entrance, and gleaming marble with […]

San Diego Mobile Call Box Program

If you are a resident of San Diego you may have noticed cell phones walking around your mall early this month. If you still haven’t received the message, those were promoters from the SAFE Mobile Call Box program trying to tell you that driving on San Diego’s highways and byways have just gotten a bit […]

Busting Towing Myths

Having your car towed, hopefully, is not a frequent event but if you haven’t called for road service, it can be rather alarming to watch the back end of your car fading in the distance behind a tow truck. The following information was written as guidance for Florida residents, but gives you a good rule […]

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Roadside Assistance Destination of the Day

If you are going to be a high roller in Vegas this 5 star Wynn hotel is the place to relax and count your winnings. “Wynn Las Vegas was one of the country’s most eagerly anticipated hotel openings in years, and the arrival of this luxurious hotel has once again made Steve Wynn the talk […]

Avoiding the Tow Truck Confusion Blues

About the only time a person is happy to see a tow truck is when they are waiting on emergency road service. Having your car towed by mistake can be unnerving and infuriating and it has been known to happen. Having you car towed for cause can also be frustrating. The confusion that can ensue […]

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Sen. Crist Makes Another Attempt for Tow Industry Legislation

A fatal shooting last year prompted yet another attempt by Florida Sen. Victor Crist to get legislation passed that will go towards regulating the tow industry. “Glen Rich, 30, was fatally shot by a towing company owner last year when he got into an argument with the person towing his vehicle from outside a bar […]

Auto Roadside Assistance Destination of the Day

If you are going to visit God’s country then best stay at His favorite inn. Not too much an exaggeration when you are nestled in grand comfort amidst the raw beauty of the Rockies flanking you to the west. “The Brown Palace Hotel has been hosting dignitaries, celebrities, and discerning travelers for more than a […]

Road Service: RV Journals and Check Lists

Road trips create a repository of rich memories, memories that are all the more meaningful because they are tied to the land we live in. Thousands upon thousands of people choose to use their vacation time “on the road”, exploring small towns and landmarks, imagining that a mere century ago, the highways crisscrossing this country […]

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Emergency Auto Assistance: On the Road With Kids

Road trip anyone? The annual ritual of hitting the road to get to the beach, the mountains, or the grandparents is about to commence. That means that adults will be confined with kids and pre-teens in a stylish metal box for hours on end. That should be easy these days with DVD players and Ipods. […]

Auto Roadside Assistance Destination of the Day

If ever there was an ideal setting to have a wedding, The Inn of Perry Cabin certainly provides the grace and ambiance of romance. “The Inn at Perry Cabin marries the charm of a country inn and the intimacy of a private home with the service of a world-class resort. Nestled on the shores of […]