Road Service: RV Journals and Check Lists

Road trips create a repository of rich memories, memories that are all the more meaningful because they are tied to the land we live in. Thousands upon thousands of people choose to use their vacation time “on the road”, exploring small towns and landmarks, imagining that a mere century ago, the highways crisscrossing this country didn’t even exist.

One of America’s favorite ways to travel is by RV. It makes excellent sense to keep a “Home on Wheels Camping Journal” handy to record events, keep important paperwork and records as well as any road service expenses that you may incur. offers the journal and a great many resources that will help the RVer prepare for any journey, long or short.

They also have many printable handy lists – similar to the one below – that you can use for departure, arrival and supplies.

RV Departure Check List

  • Check tire pressure of truck & trailer
  • Check oil and fluid levels in truck
  • Roll up awning
  • Fold up & stow the patio rug
  • Stow chairs, grill, etc.
  • Dump black holding tank
  • Rinse black holding tank (if necessary)
  • Dump gray holding tank
  • Disconnect, rinse & stow sewer hose & coupler
  • Unplug trailer & stow power cord, adapters & surge protector
  • Unplug telephone & stow cord
  • Disconnect fresh water hose
  • Fill fresh water tank (if necessary)
  • Drain & stow fresh water hose
  • Drain & stow water filters
  • Disconnect, drain & stow utility water hose
  • Turn off propane
  • Stow kingpin stabilizer
  • Stow leveling/stabilizing gear
  • Remove & stow wheel chocks
  • Adjust landing gear to proper hitching height
  • Check if hitch receiver is open
  • Drop tailgate
  • Hitch up
  • Check if hitch receiver is closed
  • Pull truck slightly forward to check hitch
  • Raise tailgate
  • hook break-away switch cable
  • Plug in umbilical cord
  • Check trailer lights and brakes
  • Raise landing gear
  • Walk around site to check for forgotten items
  • Pick up and stow the door mat
  • Lock outside compartments
  • Stow entry steps and lock trailer
  • Walk around site one last time
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