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Auto Roadside Assistance Service Destination of the Day

The inestimable Lodge at Sea Island is unparalleled in charm, service, and sophisticated beauty – not to mention the golf. “Founded more than 75 years ago, Sea Island is a luxury resort island off the coast of southern Georgia. Sea Island is host to a number of outstanding hotels, but the crown jewel is the […]

Tell Road Service to Look for 11′ Pink Nissan Pino

click image to enlarge In the “culture of cute”, pink cars appear to sell remarkably well. At least that is what the figures coming out of Japan suggest. The “cute” Nissan Pino, actually made by Suzuki, comes in at 8600 dollars and 5500 models were sold the first month they were out – twice more […]

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OnStar Emergency Auto Assistance

We are all familiar with OnStar. We have heard the commercials and have appreciated the fact that if you are an Onstar subscriber, emergency auto assistance is being deployed on your behalf if you are in an accident. And if you are not a subscriber, you’ll just have to resort to old SOS methods – […]