Sen. Crist Makes Another Attempt for Tow Industry Legislation


A fatal shooting last year prompted yet another attempt by Florida Sen. Victor Crist to get legislation passed that will go towards regulating the tow industry.

“Glen Rich, 30, was fatally shot by a towing company owner last year when he got into an argument with the person towing his vehicle from outside a bar in Tampa, deputies say.

Donald Montanez, 44, of PPCI Inc. towing company, faces a second-degree murder charge in connection with the incident.”

The Glen Rich bill, so named in acknowledgement of the shooting victim, would mandate continuing ed and training for tow truck drivers and would eliminate any drivers whose record indicated a felony committed within the last seven years.

“Though Rich’s widow stood with Crist as he announced the bill’s new name, it’s unclear whether the legislation (SB 612) – proposed in the House by Rep. Julio Robaina, R-Miami, as HB 93 – would have prevented the shooting outside the Sugar Shack club in January 2006.”

Towing companies appear to back the plan though it is claimed by some that the $495 registration could sink smaller operations.

The importance of emergency auto assistance has not lessened with the advent of the high tech in our cars that allow us to summon a tow truck or help. Until they can make a self-towing vehicle, it is important for the public to have a degree of trust for the driver of the tow truck pulling in behind them on the side of the road. Such legislation is welcomed by responsible practitioners in the roadside service industry.

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