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Auto Roadside Assistance Service Destination of the Day

If the love of your life takes joy in hiking and climbing and the austere beauty of Big Sur soothes your soul then the Post Ranch comes well recommended for couples seeking respite and solitude from business and children. “The Post Ranch Inn beckons guests from its clifftop location overlooking the Big Sur, California, coastline. […]

Hydrogen Fuel and the Road Service Industry

Hydrogen based transportation is a distant reality and there remain grave doubts as to it’s eventuality, based simply on the likely massive infrastructure overhauls required as well as other long term considerations. One can’t help but wonder though, how hydrogen cars would change the road service industry. “Another challenge for hydrogen cars is the fact […]

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Emergency Auto Assistance Hi-Tech Style

The electronics and security packages coming on line in today’s vehicles work hard to prevent the need for ever needing to call for emergency auto assistance, and thought they can’t create a tow truck out of thin air, they will certainly go far to help today’s driver from ever needing to call for one. If […]