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Auto Roadside Assistance Service Destination of the Day

Amangani is Shoshone for ‘peaceful home’ and elegantly lives up to it’s name. Not a time for business, but for deep relaxation, the Amagani holds adventure and serenity in perfect balance. “Perched above the valley of Jackson Hole in Wyoming and within easy distance of two national parks and millions of acres of national forestland, […]

Road Service News

Years ago it was not unusual to see a private citizen throw a chain around a bumper of a stalled vehicle and tow it home or to the gas station. Obviously that is no longer an option and it never was a safe one. Towing today’s various classes of vehicles requires a good deal more […]

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Emergency Auto Assistance: Ford Will Recall F-Series Super Duty Trucks

I’d say flames shooting out of your tail pipe might constitute cause for emergency roadside assistance. Ford’s new F-Series Super Duty trucks with the 6.4-liter diesel engines are being recalled in response to three different reports describing flames coming out of the exhaust pipe. “Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday told dealers to temporarily stop selling […]