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Auto Roadside Assistance Service Destination of the Day

If romance and weddings are your point of destination, the Blantyre in the Berkshires can graciously accomodate your plans. “Blantyre is an ideal place for couples seeking a getaway or newlyweds seeking the perfect wedding night accommodations. Located in the heart of the Berkshires near Boston, the Blantyre exudes romance throughout—the Main House features leaded […]

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Canine Emergency Auto Assistance

I don’t know if roadside emergency auto assistance was needed in any of these incidents, but there are some amusing stories about dogs in cars. Unbeknownst to one canine owner, her dog had swallowed her immobiliser chip, preventing the vehicle from starting. The problem was solved when a policeman figured it out and the car […]

Are You Waiting for Roadside Assistance Because Your RV is Not Road Ready?

You have spent the winter pouring over RV publications, gathering tips on the best travel routes. Your wife has caught you more than once seated behind the wheel of your home on wheels, gazing into the distance as if hypnotized. The call of the road is getting louder and louder as spring approaches. If you […]