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Auto Roadside Assistance Destination of the Day

If ever there was an ideal setting to have a wedding, The Inn of Perry Cabin certainly provides the grace and ambiance of romance. “The Inn at Perry Cabin marries the charm of a country inn and the intimacy of a private home with the service of a world-class resort. Nestled on the shores of […]

Emergency Auto Assistance: Car Jacking Reversed

Needless to say, a car jacking is a violent and dangerous crime. Oftentimes such an incident results in injury of death. This time, however, the victims were rewarded with a new car. A woman going back and forth from her house placing her children in the car was interrupted when a car jacker jumped into […]

Road Service: Clean Cars Save You Money

What makes a car “washable” and why does it matter to the consumer? Primarily, it is the savings represented by car designs that result in less corrosion. The Saturn Aura was voted the deserving recipient of International Carwash Association’s Most Washable Car 2007 . “The honor is a critical distinction in the car care industry […]

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