San Diego Mobile Call Box Program


If you are a resident of San Diego you may have noticed cell phones walking around your mall early this month. If you still haven’t received the message, those were promoters from the SAFE Mobile Call Box program trying to tell you that driving on San Diego’s highways and byways have just gotten a bit safer. Emergency auto assistance is now a ‘511’ call away on your cell. No longer will you have to put yourself at risk by walking to a stationary call box.

“The San Diego Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE) recently launched its new Mobile Call Box program, making roadside assistance accessible to San Diego motorists through the use of their cell phones. The San Diego SAFE is the publicly-funded local government agency that is responsible for operating and maintaining the system of roadway call boxes in San Diego County.

“Through Mobile Call Box, San Diego drivers can now get roadside assistance from the relative safety of their vehicles on freeways and highways throughout San Diego County. Drivers simply need to dial 5-1-1 from their cell phones to get the same helpful roadside service they have always received through our stationary call boxes,” said Carlsbad Mayor Pro Tem Ann Kulchin, Chairperson of the San Diego SAFE Board of Directors. “We are proud to bring this exciting and valuable service to the San Diego region.”

Call Boxes are still operational and available on San Diego freeways and state routes, although the Mobile Call Box program now allows drivers to access the same service via cell phone.

“Mobile Call Box calls are designed for use in non-emergency situations such as when motorists need a tow truck, have run out of gas, or require other types of motorist aid. Motorists will be directed to call 9-1-1 to report accidents, crimes, fires or other emergency situations.” said SAFE Executive Director Eddie Castoria.”

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