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Roadside Assistance: Flash Floods are a Serious Road Hazard

Kirsten had to get home, she simply had to. The babysitter was scheduled to leave, her teenager needed to be picked up from practice and she was cold and wet. She peered through the pounding rain at the road ahead of her, trying to determine if the pool of water in front of her was […]

Roadside Emergency: Never Leave Without a Roadside Emergency Kit

Scott was a responsible teenage driver, never speeding or abusive of his driving priveleges. But typical of a teenager, he hadn’t thought far enough ahead. He had never required roadside assistance yet and was convinced his well maintained Camaro would never let him down. Now, as he stared down the forlorn and empty highway with […]

Emergency Roadside Service: Cop or Imposter?

One of the greatest fears a stranded traveler can ponder while waiting for emergency roadside service in their broken down car is if the flashing red lights pulling up behind them are those of a real policeman or an imposter. It is best for travelers to have procured a means of emergency roadside service so […]