Service with a difference

Most automobile manufacturing companies have a good Road service program across the country, at least in places where they have dealers. These programs enable the buyers to get their cars serviced and repaired without worrying about location. Giving free reign to automobile owners to travel across the globe, knowing there are reliable service systems available, all at the push of a button, a simple phone call away. Most of these services are available round the clock, that is twenty-four hours of the day. These provide assistance to automobile owners irrespective of what the problem is and if can be fixed it shall be done within a short period of time and vehicle’s delivered home.

Road service programs is another way to bring in more buyers to a particular brand of cars as this gives the prospective buyers the comfort level that the manufacturer goes the extra distance. Be it engine problem or a flat tire, or any breakdown, the service center is ever ready to provide adequate service. Earlier the service programme took care of only towing the vehicle to the nearest station but today they handle mechanical faults, changing of engine oil, radiator water and other repairs as well.

Posted on Friday, September 7th, 2007 at 1:37 pm In Road Service  

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