Register for road service

Road service refers to assistance rendered by the auto dealer in association with vehicle manufacturers whenever drivers are in distress. It is a paid service for which vehicle owners will have to register. Some auto dealers also offer this service as complementary to attract more customers.

Imagine your vehicle develops a mechanical fault or snag while on the speedway. If you are a subscriber to the road service, call the hotline telephone number of service provider. Once you explain the nature of the problem, it will be relayed to the nearest mobile squad deployed on the speedway. The mobile squad will arrive at the spot and detect the fault. If possible, the fault will be rectified on the spot. The squad will also replace spare parts.

However, if the mobile squad cannot repair the vehicle, it will be towed to the nearest workstation. A fee will be levied for towing the vehicle. Under road service, a new car will be provided to the subscriber if the person intends to continue journey.

The assistance rendered under road service include repairing engine train, power train, replacing flat tires, delivering fluid and fuel, attending to ignition problem and other assistance. Road guidance will also be offered under road service. 

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