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Vehicle dealers and manufacturers have launched a special service called emergency auto assistance to help drivers and owners in distress. This service is useful whenever vehicles throw up problems either on speedways or at home. Some dealers offer emergency auto assistance in their jurisdiction. There are independent agencies, which also offer nationwide emergency auto assistance, for a prescribed annual fee.

The features under emergency auto assistance include engine repair and maintenance, engine and horn tuning, flat tire replacement, fluid and fuel delivery and others. The emergency auto assistance works through a hotline telephone facility. Whenever subscribers to the emergency auto assistance call the hotline, the complaint will be relayed to the mobile squads deployed on the speedways and motorways.

Mobile repair squads will rush to the aid of the vehicle drivers. They will detect the mechanical fault or technical failure and attempt to repair it on the spot. If the mobile squad fails to detect the fault, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest workstation. The vehicle owner has to pay for the replacement of the faulty spare parts apart from paying the labor charge. The agency will also levy additional fee for towing the vehicle.

Route guidance, tourist map providing, road service, locating the nearest ATM counter and gas station are also part of emergency auto assistance.