Obligatory duty

Emergency road service is an obligatory duty on part of the local administration, auto dealers and vehicle owners. It refers to all kinds of assistance such as helping stranded vehicle drivers, attending to medical emergency and guiding vehicles, which have lost their ways. These days, emergency road service is offered through GPS technology. The local transport department plays a pivotal role in emergency road service.

In some counties, some aspects of the emergency road service are offered for free. They include medical evacuation, road map guide, tracing the nearest ATM counter, locating motels and roadside gas stations among others. However, other assistance such as repairing vehicles, which develop mechanical problems are charged.
The emergency road service has several stakeholders with each of them playing separate roles depending on the nature of the problem experienced by the driver. Therefore, it is considered an obligatory duty on part of all the stakeholders.
All auto dealers will have details of the services offered under emergency road service. At the time of purchasing a car, make sure that you become a subscriber to the emergency road service. The dealer will help you in registering for the service. An annual fee will be charged to enroll car owners as members for the service.