Keeping the road clear

Auto road service is a specialized service launched by the various companies. The basic aim of the auto road service is to ensure that vehicles in distress are bailed out of the crisis and at the same time the road is clear for free flow of vehicles. To achieve this, the traffic authority will remotely monitor the movement of the traffic using surveillance cameras. Any minor disturbance in the movement of the vehicular traffic will be automatically brought to the notice of the traffic cell. Sometimes, the authority also carries our aerial surveys to identify the traffic jam points. 

Auto road service is a new concept evolved in the developed countries with heavy density of vehicles. If any vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, it will be immediately taken off the road. Similarly, if there is debris or waste lying on the road, it will be cleared for easy movement of traffic. The vehicles, which cannot be repaired on the spot, will be towed to the nearest workstation. In the process, the stranded passengers will be dropped to the nearest hotel or motel located along the speedway. 
The auto road service also includes guiding the drivers through proper roads to identify the local areas.