Instant assistance and smooth rides

In early days, if a person were to buy a car or a truck, he would be solely responsible for any failure or problem that arose thereon. Today, however manufacturers have realized the importance of being in touch with the buyers and providing timely service post sales. This not only enables the owners to travel in length but also be assured that if there is a break down or any kind of repair, help is only a phone call away. But one thing that the buyers should remember is to carry along the papers related to the Road service program to be able to give reference in case of any emergency.

It is not even necessary that the vehicle should be near a service station for the road service program to work, the service engineers or mechanics would come to the spot and fix the fault. This is very convenient, and saves a lot of time, as the vehicle would be instantly repaired and they can be on the move right away. Some of the larger service centers have a departmental store in them to help the car owner and passengers get a bite to eat or drink while waiting.

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2007 at 1:54 pm In Road Service  

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