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Road service program refers to assistance given to vehicle drivers and owners on speedways and motorways. It is offered by the auto dealer in association with car rental service, repair service agency and tourist operators. A small fee is charged on an annual basis to subscribers.

Under road service program, vehicles under distress will be repaired and delivered to the owner on the spot. In case, the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest workstation. An alternative vehicle will be provided to the car owner to continue the journey. The car will be provided through the car rental service. All these services will be charged with a certain fee.

If the vehicle owners have lost their way on the speedway, under the road service program, the owners will be guided to the main road using navigation map. Locating the nearest ATM, gas station, motel and restaurants are also part of the road service program. Normally, the road service program is offered by an independent agency in association with the car dealers. All services are available for a certain fee. Some aspects of the service are offered for free as complementary. Check with the local auto dealer for more details.

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