For a hassle free journey

Road service program involves multiple services provided by the assistance company.This has evolved to provide a hassle free journey for vehicle owners, especially whenever they are driving on freedways and streets. The road service program is implemented by independent agencies on a nationwide basis. It is available when a driver has a subscription to the service.

Road service program, apart from rendering assistance such as vehicle repair and maintenance on the speedways, also involves helping drivers, who have lost their way. Using geographical navigation system, lost drivers are guided back to the speedway. If the drivers are not reachable through telephone network, the cars will be tracked using local resources. The vehicle drivers are also offered tourist guidance service. If a particular vehicle is passing through an area, the historical significance and heritage value of the locality will be passed on to the drivers using onboard display system. These are premium services and are offered to only high end customers.

Among other services offered under road service program are tracing the nearest motel, hotel, gas station, ATM counter and drug store. Hotel reservation checking and confirmation are also offered under the road service program. Choose a reputed service provider.