Care for car on the move

Road service refers to assistance given to vehicles in distress on any given road. The assistance is given by vehicle dealers in association with a third party service provider. Some dealers have launched this service to garner a major share of the consumers. The service is also offered on a complementary basis by auto dealers to retain the consumers. Road service can be termed as care for car on the move.

Though road service is offered for free by certain auto dealers, national agencies, which operate road service on a countrywide basis, charge a certain fee. The service offered by them has a huge range. For instance, whenever vehicle owners and drivers face problem while on the road, or even at home, mobile repair squads will be deployed to assist them.

Assistance such as repair and maintenance of drive train, power train, fixing engine faults and mechanical failures, resolving jump starting and ignition problems, replacement of faulty spare parts, replacement of flat tires, delivery of fluids and fuel and tourist guidance are provided under road service.

If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest workstation. If the vehicle driver and co-passengers are willing to continue their journey, an alternative vehicle will be provided.