Round the clock assistance for drivers

Emergency road service refers to assistance rendered to drivers, at any point of time, to bail them out of all types of crises. The goal is to offer around the clock assistance for drivers to ensure a smooth trip. The other stake holders in the emergency road service include transport department, police department, health department, local hospitals, insurance firms and medical emergency services. 

Imagine, your vehicle has suffered a major breakdown on a stretch of highway where telephones are inaccessible.  You need not worry since the traffic will be monitored by the freeway maintenance authority by employing remote surveillance system. The moment, the authority spots a stranded vehicle on the freeway, using its remote surveillance system, a message will be transmitted to the nearest mobile squad deployed on the speedway to assist drivers in distress. Within minutes, the squad will arrive at the spot to assist the driver. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest workstation or carried on the back of the truck. Emergency medical evacuations are also carried out if the passengers or drivers are in need of medical care.