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Emergency road service is an essential service to which every car owner has to register. It is offered by a consortium comprising car manufacturer, vehicle dealer, local transport and county administration, insurance firms, hospitals and emergency units. Emergency road service is a 24/7 service, which comes for no cost. In many counties, it is considered an obligatory duty on part of the local administration.

If a vehicle suffers a breakdown and causes traffic jam on the speedway, the emergency road service will be activated. The vehicle will be towed to the nearest workstation for repairs and roads cleared for smooth movement of traffic. In case of accidents, emergency medical evacuations will be carried with the help of local hospitals. All these services come for free. However, in case of vehicle repairs, fee will be charged by the agency concerned.

It is imperative for all vehicle owners to register for this emergency road service. Details of the service are available with the auto dealer. At the time of purchasing the car, make sure that the vehicle is registered under this service. Emergency road service is a nationwide program and can be subscribed to in any part of the state. Renew your subscription to this service without fail every year.

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