24/7 services for stranded driver

Emergency road service refers to all kinds of assistance given to stranded drivers and passengers on any road any time of the day. Emergency road service is popularly referred to as 24/7 services for stranded drivers and is in operation through out the nation. The local county administration monitors the operation of the emergency road service.

There are a number of stakeholders in emergency road service such as hospital services, transport authorities, motorways traffic management cell, speedway patrol service and auto dealers. At the county level, the local administration handles the emergency road service. For instance, if the vehicle breaks down on a speedway on account of mechanical problem. Immediately, call the emergency road service using your personal hand phone or through the public phone booth and register the complaint. Help will be just minutes away.

If you are not in a position to use the phone, do not worry. The speedway traffic-monitoring cell, which will remotely man the traffic using the surveillance system, will dispatch the mobile repair squad to the spot. If there is a medical emergency among the car occupants, evacuation will be carried out immediately. Make sure that the emergency road service telephone number is displayed prominently in the vehicle.