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You never know when you’ll need it.

Emergency auto assistance refers to help extended by vehicle dealers and car manufacturers when the cars are in distress on highways and motorways on account of mechanical faults or engine failure. The emergency auto assistance covers repairs and maintenance of the vehicle. But the cost has to be initially covered by the car owner. Whenever […]

In an emergency, you’ll need it.

It is mandatory for every vehicle owner and driver to know the telephone number of the emergency road service, provided to assist vehicles in distress. The emergency road service includes bailing the vehicles and its owners out of distress. It could involve assisting with road accidents, vehicle breakdowns or a loss of direction. The emergency […]

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With competition heating up in the automotive market, car manufacturers, in association with dealers, come up with innovative services to retain customers. One such service is the road service in which the dealers rushes to the aid of vehicles owners in distress while on highways and motorways. If the vehicle suffers an engine failure or […]

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Helping drivers in distress

      Emergency auto assistance refers to help offered by car dealers in association with car manufacturers to vehicles in distress on motorways and speedways. This is a paid service and comes in variety of packages. Choose the best package since it has the complete service range.   The types of service rendered under […]

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  A conglomerate of organizations like car dealers, vehicle manufacturers, hospitals, warranty firms, insurance companies, local transport authorities, Local County cops and administration offers emergency road service. The services under emergency road service include assistance vehicles in distress, administering first aid and transporting victims of accidents to the nearest hospital and towing the vehicle to […]

Car dealer’s obligatory duty

  Road service refers to assistance rendered by the car dealer in association with the car manufacturer when car drivers or owners are in distress while driving on the highway. As per US rules, it is mandatory for every car dealer to operate a road service in association with the car brands, which are sold […]

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How could emergency auto assistance impact your life?

Only if you are a driver would you ever find the need for emergency auto assistance; and only if you are a driver in an uncomfortable or compromising situation would you ever really fully appreciate the importance of emergency auto assistance.    Emergency auto assistance is a program that was established specifically to aid the […]

Emergency auto service as it has developed today

Emergency auto service started out as a small service offered by only a few of the top auto vehicle merchants and service providers around in the major cities.  What started as simply a means to aid the unsuspecting driver has turned out to be one of the biggest industries among the automotive industries today.  Today […]

How could road service be of benefit to you?

You would have often heard and read just how important and great a service road service is.  But just as likely you would have also found yourself wondering exactly what road service could provide you with that would be different from all the rest; or why road service is such a necessity among most all […]

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Car dealer’s obligation

Emergency road assistance is help provided by vehicle dealers when cars breakdown on highways or motorways. It is an obligatory duty of the vehicle dealers to rush to the aid vehicle owners in distress. As per rules, the vehicle dealer has to set up a hotline service in association with the vehicle manufacturer. This hotline facility […]