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Ring the number

Auto road service refers to emergency assistance rendered by registered companies and agencies when vehicles are in distress. The agencies provide services like engine repair, mechanical fault identification and replacements, flat tire assistance, fuel and fluid delivery, vehicle towing to the repair workshop, replacement of faulty parts, jump starting, battery trouble and key lock. All […]

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Enlist service

Emergency road service refers to assistance rendered by registered companies when vehicle owners are in distress while driving on highways and motor ways. The emergency road service is provided around the clock by the companies to subscribers on their list. The emergency road service includes attending to engine failure, mechanical faults, vehicle breakdown, flat tire […]

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Dealer’s obligation

Road service refers to assistance rendered by the vehicle dealer to the customers (vehicle owners) in times of distress. For instance, if the vehicle breaks down on the road owing to engine failure or mechanical fault, it is the duty of the dealer to rush to the aid of the vehicle owner. If the dealer […]

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