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A conglomerate of organizations like car dealers, vehicle manufacturers, hospitals, warranty firms, insurance companies, local transport authorities, Local County cops and administration offers emergency road service. The services under emergency road service include assistance vehicles in distress, administering first aid and transporting victims of accidents to the nearest hospital and towing the vehicle to the nearest repair workshop.


Emergency road service is a mandatory service, which is managed by the local county administration. While the county administration takes care of the car occupants in times of accident, the car dealer and manufacturer will take car of the vehicle involved in the accident. All emergency road service help lines are networked with the hotlines of the police department to ensure smooth coordination. At the time of taking delivery of the car, register for this service without fail.


Other assistance rendered as part of emergency road service include guiding drivers with road map, locating nearest hotels, motels, gas filling stations, flat tire replacement assistance, mobile repairs of vehicle, delivery of fluid and fuel and locating the nearest ATM. Vehicle owners can also use this service to confirm hotel reservation and check availability of accommodation in the local county. Some of the assistance rendered are free while some come at a price.