In an emergency, you’ll need it.

It is mandatory for every vehicle owner and driver to know the telephone number of the emergency road service, provided to assist vehicles in distress. The emergency road service includes bailing the vehicles and its owners out of distress. It could involve assisting with road accidents, vehicle breakdowns or a loss of direction.

The emergency road service is offered by car dealers, manufacturers, local transport authorities, cops, county administration officials, hospitals and voluntary agencies. The car dealers assist the vehicle in repairing it or by towing it to the nearest workshop. The transport authorities ensure that drivers do not lose way. The county administration officials clarify any doubts relating to the locality. The hospitals arrange for medical emergency of the car drivers or co-passengers. The voluntary agencies assist the car drivers in other issues such as with directions in the case of being lost.

Some of the services offered under emergency road service are free while some are charged by the service provider. The fee is charged on the basis of service available to the car owner. It is very important to register for this service since it is beneficial at any given time. And it is always a good idea to keep the telephone number inside the car.