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Car dealer’s obligation

Emergency road assistance is help provided by vehicle dealers when cars breakdown on highways or motorways. It is an obligatory duty of the vehicle dealers to rush to the aid vehicle owners in distress. As per rules, the vehicle dealer has to set up a hotline service in association with the vehicle manufacturer. This hotline facility […]

Every car owner’s right

  Emergency road service is a whole range of assistance provided by the car dealer in association with a consortium of service providers. The consortium could include auto mechanics, hospitals, basic service providers like road traffic cops, fire force personnel, travel and tour operators, hotels and motels and car rental companies.  Emergency road service is provided […]

Enroll promptly

 Road service  is a type of services rendered by the car dealer in association with another company specializing in repair and maintenance of the vehicle whenever they are in distress on roads.    Road service encompasses repairs of engine, drive train, power train, ignition, jump starting, flat tire assistance, fluid and fuel delivery and replacement […]

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