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With competition heating up in the automotive market, car manufacturers, in association with dealers, come up with innovative services to retain customers. One such service is the road service in which the dealers rushes to the aid of vehicles owners in distress while on highways and motorways.

If the vehicle suffers an engine failure or mechanical breakdown, mobile squads will be rushed to your aid. The squads will identify the problem and rectify it by replacing the faulty spare parts. However, if the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest workshop. Other assistance rendered under road service includes solving ignition and jump starting problems, replacing flat tires, delivering fluid and fuels and guiding the driver using remote navigational tools. Enroll today for this service.

While some aspects of the road service are free, some are paid services. For instance, no fee will be levied for examining the vehicle, but towing and labor charges will be levied for repair. The road service often operates through a hotline telephone number established by the car dealer.

Enroll in the road service at the time of taking the car delivery. The range of road services include basic packages, premium services and upgraded services. Choose the package that is best for you.