You never know when you’ll need it.

Emergency auto assistance refers to help extended by vehicle dealers and car manufacturers when the cars are in distress on highways and motorways on account of mechanical faults or engine failure. The emergency auto assistance covers repairs and maintenance of the vehicle. But the cost has to be initially covered by the car owner.

Whenever the car breaks down on motorways, call the emergency auto assistance hotline number and register the complaint. The help desk will relay the complaint to the mobile repair squads consisting of technicians and mechanics. The mobile squad will rush to the vehicle’s rescue. The squad will diagnose the problem and try to rectify it on the spot. In the case that they fail to fix the problem, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair workshop.

Other services offered as part of emergency auto assistance may include repair of the engine, ignition problem rectification, jump start resolving, horn tuning, flat tire replacement and replacement of minor spare parts.

The emergency auto assistance comes at a price. There are various packages. Opt for the best package that suites your needs. The packages offered are available at all leading car dealers. Review them carefully before selecting the package.