Car dealer’s obligation

Emergency road assistance is help provided by vehicle dealers when cars breakdown on highways or motorways. It is an obligatory duty of the vehicle dealers to rush to the aid vehicle owners in distress. As per rules, the vehicle dealer has to set up a hotline service in association with the vehicle manufacturer. This hotline facility has to run round the clock. 

If a vehicle suffers a breakdown like mechanical failure or engine seizure, the owner can call the hotline facility to register the complaint. The same is flashed to the nearest mobile repair squad deployed on the highway. The mobile squad will visit the vehicle to ascertain the condition. If possible, it will be repaired on the spot. If the squad finds the repairs complicated, the vehicle can be towed to the nearest workshop in the county. In the meantime, the safety of the car owner is assured by the road service provider. 

In case the vehicle owner is willing to stay back, the dealer has to make hotel or motel reservation as part of the emergency auto service. Other service include flat tire assistance, fluid and fuel delivery, ATM locator, chauffeur service, tourist and travel guide, hotel reservation service and providing alternative vehicles to continue journey.