Car dealer’s obligatory duty


Road service refers to assistance rendered by the car dealer in association with the car manufacturer when car drivers or owners are in distress while driving on the highway. As per US rules, it is mandatory for every car dealer to operate a road service in association with the car brands, which are sold through the outlet.


The assistance offered under road service include engine repair, replacement of faulty spare parts, setting right mechanical faults, jump starting, ignition problems, flat tire replacement, fluid and fuel delivery and help line to guide drivers on motorways. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest repair shop. All car owners have to necessarily subscribe to this service since it is very helpful.


The dealer maintains a hotline telephone number for road service. Whenever vehicles break down on motorways, the drivers have to register a complaint by calling this hotline. The mobile repair squad deployed on the motorways will be rushed to your aid. The road service is a paid service. The tariff depends on the range of service you register for. Some auto warranty firms also offer road service. Choose whichever offers the best service.