Road Service: Clean Cars Save You Money

What makes a car “washable” and why does it matter to the consumer? Primarily, it is the savings represented by car designs that result in less corrosion. The Saturn Aura was voted the deserving recipient of International Carwash Association’s Most Washable Car 2007 .

“The honor is a critical distinction in the car care industry as research shows that nearly $24 billion a year is spent battling automobile corrosion damage. With the number of consumers keeping their cars longer, this award is an important nod to Saturn’s dedication to designing cars that are easier for car owners to maintain.”

The following criteria will get a car nominated as a “most washable car” candidate.

  • Smooth aerodynamic lines that do not catch and retain dirt
  • Moldings and ornamentation that do not protrude and are securely attached
  • Bumpers, mirrors, wipers, etc. that are securely attached
  • Radio antennas that are securely attached or are hidden in the windshield or back window glass
  • Retractable side view mirrors that are robust at the pivot or mirrors that do not retract at all
  • Ground affects and desk lid spoilers that are aerodynamic and securely attached or do not exist
  • Windshield wipers that are concealed under the rear edge of the hood
  • Rear window wipers on Sport-Utility vehicles that do not protrude
  • Front license plate attachments (when required) are secure and are not susceptible to damage