Emergency Auto Assistance: Car Jacking Reversed

Needless to say, a car jacking is a violent and dangerous crime. Oftentimes such an incident results in injury of death. This time, however, the victims were rewarded with a new car.

A woman going back and forth from her house placing her children in the car was interrupted when a car jacker jumped into the drivers seat while the car was still sitting in the driveway. Failing to regain control and knocked into a utility pole, the mother nevertheless proceeded to run down the street after the vehicle. Meanwhile inside the Acura, 6 year old Briana took matters into her own hands.

“Briana told the carjacker “It’s rude to steal cars” and proceeded to fight him with the best weapon at her disposal. “I was trying to stop the car and he didn’t let me. That’s why I smacked him on the head with my book,” Briana told CBS4 News.

The suspect apparently got fed up with her antics and ordered the kids out of the car about two blocks away, before he drove off.

Their mother, who had been running as fast as she could after the car, reached the children moments later walking toward her on NW 17th Avenue”


This family’s troubles were soon set to rights by the Ellen DeGeneres show who gifted the family with a new Sebring, complete with two car seats.

Posted on Tuesday, March 27th, 2007 at 11:17 am In Emergency Auto Assistance  

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