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Paid service for motorists

Auto road service is a very important paid service for car owners due to ensure a pleasant and disturbance free journey. Auto road service is a newly invented concept by the auto dealer collaborating with a third party agency. The offer depends on the annual fee that is being charged from the customer. The subscriber […]

Road Service that works

Emergency road service is a compulsory service for travelers to make sure a safe and smooth journey. Several organizations like local county administration, emergency response unit, hospital service, authority of freeway maintenance and insurance firms offers this service. Whenever a person becomes a vehicle owner by purchasing a car, he or she automatically becomes a […]

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A useful service for motorists

In order to guarantee a hassle free drive for motorists, a valuable service is working which is called Road Service. If you owe a vehicle, you can use this service at freeways or at home whenever a situation of vehicle breakdown occurs. The auto dealer offers the road service with collaborating with a third party […]

Automobile warranty

An auto dealer executes an agreement on behalf of the manufacturer of the vehicle to maintain and repair a vehicle for a particular period of time which is called Auto Warranty. During the specified period, the responsibility of replace and repair of the faulty parts of the vehicle goes to the auto dealer without charging […]