Paid service for motorists

Auto road service is a very important paid service for car owners due to ensure a pleasant and disturbance free journey. Auto road service is a newly invented concept by the auto dealer collaborating with a third party agency. The offer depends on the annual fee that is being charged from the customer. The subscriber will have to pay additional fees if they require extra services beyond the contract.

Auto road service has plenty of benefits apart from assisting engine and mechanical faults of the vehicle. For example, if you are going to take a long drive on the freeway, transport service will be offered. Moreover, hotel reservations, availability of accommodation, confirmation of hotel rooms and travelers information are also offered by auto road service.

If you have lost way on the speedway, you will be direct back in the correct way using the assistance of remote navigation. You can get assistance in locating the freeway entry and exit point. You can trace nearest gas station, ATM booth, restaurants, rest rooms, hotels and malls by the needful help of auto road services. You can check with your nearest auto dealer to subscribe for the auto road service.