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Road Side Service

Road service refers to assistance to car owners whenever they are in distress either at home or on freeways on account of the vehicle breakdown. The road service began as a complementary service by the auto dealers to retain the trust of the customers apart from attracting new customers to the fold. A number of […]

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Subscribe to motorist friendly service

Auto road service is a very useful service for motorists especially whenever they are using freeways. All vehicle owners must subscribe to motorist friendly service if they intend to make their journey on the freeway a hassle free experience. The auto road service is provided by a number of agencies, which have a network of […]

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Help all the time

Emergency road service refers to help all the time made available to the motorists on the freeways. Basically, the aim of the emergency road service is to keep the roads clear from traffic jams by assisting the motorists. Under the emergency road service, the freeways are monitored round the clock using remote video surveillance system. […]